Friday, November 9, 2018

Keep Your Knife Sharp

   When I reflect upon my own impending age; I sometimes fret and angst about not pairing up and starting a family. How long does one have while they are in their prime? 
   36, not too old, I just turned it and ran 10 miles yesterday, sure it hurts more, but that’s the price of being a beast.
   Jared Leto is 46, has been working since the early 90s and is still breaking hearts
   So is Travis Fimmel who can be recognized from the show Vikings
   And The Rock is 49.

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   There are two ways to live your life, are you like fruit? Where you quickly become ripe firm and luscious? All the things that society pines for in the movies, only to quickly be harvested, pass your genetic material on and then live vicariously through your offspring, while you watch from the sidelines and gain 40lbs.
   One of the greatest sins of our age is that we do not encourage physical fitness after post secondary education.

   Then we pacify ourselves with television, smart phones and medications because we know something is lacking, but we can’t quite put our finger on it.

   Is this the path you chose?

   Or do you take your fruit; the fruit of your labor, of your body, your mind, and refine it. Are you fresh grapes in the field awaiting the beasts to consume you, or are you a well aged wine? Are your best years behind you, or ahead of you? Are you in a hurry to spill the fruit of your loins like the profane, or are you preserving them for a mate of quality, for someone deserving of all that is you?  Are grain in the field, or a twenty year old single malt, the choice is yours.
   Hone your body like the Smith forges a blade, hours and hours of refining, amalgamating, tempering, hours on the stone, anything of quality takes time, love, and pain.

    Everyday you should be stronger than the man you were yesterday, you should be smarter than the man you were yesterday and you need to be a little more spiritual than you were yesterday.
   Everyday, sweat, cry, cum, use all your glands; Everyday read, learn, teach, stretch you mind and imagination; everyday pray, meditate, reflect, become more spiritually and emotionally resilient  than the man you were yesterday.
   Don’t be in such a hurry to pair up, breed, live a short while through your children, and then die. There is so much more than that, so much adventure. Don’t just live though your children, sweep your family up in the adventure, a quest isn’t one man’s journey, it is for your wife, it is for your children, lead them, it is the natural order and what they yearn for.
   If you do not have a family yet save yourself for someone worthy, have strong beautiful children when you are stable; both financially, and emotionally. Keep your knife sharp, and seek danger from a position of power.  
   Stop looking for the perfect person and daily strive to be the perfect person,  then yours will find you when the time is right. 
And most importantly love, love with all that is in you, love until there is nothing left, love is all that we have.

Friday, November 2, 2018

The Autumn of our Culture

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We just finished my favorite holiday All Hallows Eve, Samhain, or Halloween if you prefer. Yesterday we remembered all the saints; may we join them in Christ's eternal glory. Today we pray for, remember, and celebrate all the souls; all those that have gone before us, Los Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead.
Memento Mori

One would think that our seasonal dying is drawing to a close, but far from it. It is time to put your skeletons back in your closet, put your red poppies on, and prepare for Remembrance Day celebrations, or in America, Veterans Day. Nine days to revere our service members and allies who gave so much for our way of life.
How to Explain Remembrance Day to Kids

It is through the reflection of where we have been and what we have lost, that makes a way for our gratitude.
After an allegorical dying and with grateful hearts we can come together and celebrate the bountiful season of life, and beauty that was summer in a Great Thanksgiving; our country's Eucharist. 
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This opens our hearts and prepares us to receive the Redeemer and celebrate the birth of our salvation through Christ's Mass.
Happy holidays everyone.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

There be Monsters

There be Monsters

Things that creepith in the soil, under the seas, things in the shadows, the unknown; the unknown is what terrifies us. Yet the evil we do know, we have profaned, subjugated to humor, and into sexualized melancholy.

The archetype of the vampire, the soulless insatiable all-consuming
monster that is universal in every sect and society and dating back to at least Babylon has been with us. The question is why, why has he been lingering in the shadows, under the stares, and in graveyards?   
The idea of the restless spirit that has suffered insurmountable trauma, and thus perpetuates this pain has already been explored in depth. The idea that it consumes the sanguine life force of virile humans for self sustainment has also been explored in depth.
Yet what makes the vampire so alluring, so terrifying is the fact that he looks like us. He is the cliché of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is soulless, insatiable, and hurts beautiful things because he is drawn to them like a moth to a flame; for the same reason that lower spirits and beings are drawn to higher levels.  They do not understand why they are where they are, or they have been exiled there due to unforgivable indiscretions, and desire to be on high levels of existence. The vampire whether traditional, psychic, or even sparkly, is a psychopath. He/she has succumbed to Antisocial Personality Disorder (or other personality disorders) a soulless insatiable all-consuming monster that is universal in every sect and society and dates back to at least Babylon. Our ancestors warned us of such monsters and did their best to remove them from the gene pool, yet we have, and continue to glorify them.

Now that they have been sexualized and humanized though sympathy for the devil, they are in a sense seen as a dark protagonist, the unlovable who can be redeemed through love, yet we have forgot that these creatures are at the lower plains because they are irredeemable. This is now to the monster’s advantage, the sheep are literally lining up for the wolves, asking to receive the love bite, the kiss of death.

And the cycle continues. 

Friday, June 17, 2016


We date like we are trying on shoes, we even have a term for it now, "hooking up". There is no courtship, such concepts as commitment, dedication, and investment are antiquated. This has been going on since the 60s but it is devolving progressively from free love to free carnalism. 
But while we are escaping nihilism with chemicals, and f*cking our way into a temporary respite from the fact that we have forgot how to genuinely love. We have disconnected from the reality that the practice of breeding eventually leads to children. 
Children without fathers, children that are not wanted. Young girls that confuse affection for love.Young boys who's ONLY social interaction  is Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and the like.
Why are there so many shootings, why wouldn't there be? There is no love left. 
Every day I try to repair this irreparable damage, but the fire is beyond us, it is burning faster than we can stomp it out. 
Guns, Muslims, right, left, they are bandaids over the bullet hole, everyone is screaming about the symptoms and not addressing the cause. 
Just maybe we should worry about our marriage, and not just the wedding day,  or strive to be old people holding hands in the park, as opposed to bragging rights for gathering the most vagina. 
We have been "progressing" for over 50 years now, do we feel any safer, do we feel genuine love? Do we even feel free?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


    When a man’s heart is broken it is not beautifully tragic, it doesn’t have to sweet smell of autumn leaves in decay. When a woman breaks a man’s heart somewhere in the back of her mind she thinks he will go off and build a giant house or find some extravagant way to win her back, because Nicholas Sparks and many others have told her that is what would happen. But Nicholas Sparks was a man, his admiration is first in his loins, so when his heart finally succumbs it’s based on more lofty ideals, his mind has processed why he is in love, his heart is drawn to those little giggles, little looks, the way the corner of her mouth turns when she is about to smile. When men fall they fall completely. Their marriage, their family becomes their identity; imagine a love so strong that it becomes you. The old you has withered away, and there is nothing else.

    If you don’t believe me compare the suicide rates of men vs. women, there are a lot of Romeos going to the Streets of Glory without their Juliets.

    But Nicholas sparks is an idealist, is a man. A much more keen observer of heartbreak, and its after affect on men was a woman. Emily Brontë.  The poor tortured soul of her Heathcliff, who has fallen with his loins, his mind, and his heart, is so completely consumed by his heartache that it twists within him. It spreads like invasive roots through him, and widens the cracks of his fractured ego. He is so inwardly consumed by his pain that it manifests outwardly in his thoughts, words, and deeds. He is not a demon or incubus as some scholars have theorized, demons know their purpose. He is a man spurned by his true love, lost and lashing out.

    When women meet a man like Heathcliff, a man like me, they know from the outset that he is poison, that he, I, will break a string of hearts with our brooding eyes and the blackness behind them, but they will not care, not in the short run, they will succumb, because men who have not yet suffered told them that the wounded beast can be tamed, and we will one day build them a house. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wuthering Trauma

When we think of ghosts, hauntings, and things that terrify us when we are alone in the dark, the things that makes us race to the light switch at the end of the hall, the things that make out hearts race or pulse quicken.  

A common theme is the poor soul who has gone through something so violent, so terrible that they cannot move on; they cannot go into the light and reach their full potential. What a terribly sad forlorn idea, it is melancholic because it is darkly beautiful; the idea of some jilted lover killing her adulterous husband and now the spirits locked together, forever in a dark dance playing out the heart ache. Over and over it plays, lost souls trying to find their way out, or home.

Every day we see this with the living as well, some poor girl having her innocence robbed too young, now plagued with eating disorders and confusing affection with love. The young boy beaten by an alcoholic mother and neglected by an absent father, and now he punches holes into the walls and his lovers. On and on it goes; the soldier whose war followed him home and is now hyper-vigilant, the cop drowning himself in whiskey every night, the exotic dancer watching herself in the mirror. These clichés are tragic, melancholic, and far too often the norm. We are haunted in our lives and we haunt after our deaths.

Trauma is such a powerful thing, it is as powerful as hate, as powerful as love, it transcends all language, culture, and even death. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Caritas, there is no word in the English language quite like it, it is like love, but more, it is like charity, but more. It is love for all things in this world; it burns with passion, and is fueled by the Holy Spirit. When you have Caritas it fills you from your toenails to the ends of your hair, and it beams out of you.
 When you have Caritas you have love for the soil between your toes, for the things that creepith next to you, for the sinner and the saint. To bring all to the love of Christ, that is a passionate heart; to love something so much it hurts. And Christ’s own sacred heart loved the world so much that he let it consume his mortal coil.

Heart of Jesus, glowing furnace of charity, have mercy on us  

Friday, September 4, 2015

Reflections of Loss

I remember my beautiful girlfriend at some stranger’s house; they had a small lake in their back yard with a huge diving platform way up in the air. It was so high that when I kissed her, the fireworks from Independence Day were reaching their apex all around us. There was so much wonder, so much in her eyes, her lips, the pyrotechnics, the reflection in the water. The world was brand new, and I am crying right now thinking about it. At that very moment I knew I was meant to marry her. That kiss, that love, it was, and is so powerful.

Our son was conceived on Halloween, and the same night we moved into the house I bought for her. We made love in our new room, in our new home and future. I remember staring into her eyes by candlelight, and having the feeling of our whole lives awaiting us, and the pure love that I felt for my fiancé. Our son was conceived in pure love. I could feel it in the air like electricity, and heavy like the scent of roses. There was literally magic in the air.

5 months later (yes I said 5, never underestimate the power of denial) we found out that she was pregnant, we were both scared, surprised, and crying, even though the night before I was so excited I couldn’t sleep. I remember we were sitting in her Jeep Compass after the sonogram, and she mentioned that we could go and have an abortion. I said no, that this is meant to happen, and I naively said something about how we must assume our responsibilities. We got married, got another Newfoundland, and four months later Jabe was born. 

When they cut him out he started screaming, then they cleaned him up, swaddled him, and put him in my arms. Just two minutes before there was a silence, and then suddenly the air was filled with the cries of this little person who looked just like me.
All of the intense love that I felt for my wife failed in comparison to the love and connection that I felt for Jabe. It is simply ineffable.

6 months ago I discovered her infidelity, and it has completely destroyed me. Many, many times I wish that I had never met her. That when she asked me out for that coffee I simply blew her off, and went back to my 19 year-old girlfriend with her 19 year-old body.

But these moments, aligned by the constellations, gravity, and quantum mechanics, all lead to the creation of my son. All of my love and the loss of it lead to my son, because if I had approached her with only half of my heart, she probably would not have had our son, and my life would have no purpose. It’s all a grand scheme; I’m just not big enough to understand it. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Freedom From

If you are climbing, clawing, and searching your whole life for happiness you will not find it, if you are looking in the eyes, arms, and attention of all around you for love, you will forever long for it.
These aspects of your reality are an ebb, or flow; however you see it.
They are at one side of the pendulum of your life, to constantly search for the pleasure of joy or Elation, is to think that there is only one side of a coin.
There is a duality that we cannot escape by only concentrating on the feel-good part of existence. The duality must be balanced by the third, and that third is peace. Peace with the pain, peace from love, it is the stabilizing aspect of the triad. Don’t pray for love, pray for peace from it; don’t pray for joy, pray to be free from its illusion.
Take a moment and realize that every bit of star dust, every atom, earth quake, and solar flare has been leading up to this moment. You are chosen to read these words, you are chosen to synthesize every wrong and right done to you, and form the complete being that you will one day become. Your life is a ballet, it is beautiful and tragic; it makes one weep, laugh, and love, and one day your existence will balance the opposing forces and give you peace.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sister Blog and Tumblr

    Madness in the right direction is now on tumblr as an image blog, check it out, you will like what you see.  Madness in the Right Direction

    Also, check out our much more active sister blog American Chivalry, there are three writers consisting of The Beat Dandy who has a BS in Sociology, MS in HR, Pursuing a PHD, and a Military background, who specializes in Masonic/esoteric/chivalric Orders, The Curator who has a Bachelors in Military History, specializing in the same and Masonic Templary, and Mr. N who specializes in Chivalric and Esoteric Orders. American Chivalry

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What Are We?

    If you were to think about it, are you the result of some mammal that simply got tired of lounging in a tree with a cornucopia within arm’s reach, then it climbed down to battle large predators for the hope of grubs and grains. More explicitly you may not even be that, you may be nothing more than an amalgamation of soulless single celled organisms working in a symphony unbeknownst to them. Just a blob of millions of little life forms going through space and time, while your consciousness is a manifestation created by the legion to merely hold it all together. What if they simply decided to go their separate ways? Is your life, and mine so simply held together, and so easily disbanded?

    What if the earth was a spinning domicile of life and death as Darwin saw it, yet infinitely more complex than his 19th century mind could articulate? What if a single cell was so intricate that its mere existence and operation could be viewed as a miracle?

    Let me offer you an interpretation; you can either rationalize intelligent design out of your reality and thus be intellectually above morality, or you can stop looking at the damn flowerbox and look at the flowers for a moment.

    Your mass of cells working in concert is endlessly complex, not only are they interminably multifaceted, but they work together in infinite relationships, and their entire purpose revolves around one thing; You, or maintaining what it is to be You. Revolving is a key word here, the earth spins, the moon revolves around the earth, the earth around the sun, and the solar system is part of a spinning galaxy. You DNA spirals and electrons revolve around protons in the smallest building blocks currently known to man.

    There is a beat to this song, and it is 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, & so on... everything is spiraling from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy. You are but one part of a grand design so vast that we cannot even reconcile the relationships between quantum physics and relativity, just as it is not easy to reconcile Fibonacci’s sequence with Pythagoreanism; the vastness of the mind of God is simply beyond our feeble understanding.

    The cells in your body are a microcosmic representation of the universe. As the observations made by Hermes Trismegistus declare “What is the above is from the below and the below is from the above. The work of wonders is from One”. You are created in God’s image because your body is a schematic of the workings of the universe, the Book of Nature, and thus the mind of God; you’re simply to finite to comprehend the infinite. The very fact that these particulates do not tear themselves apart, the fact that there are “laws” of nature, gravity, and physics that the universe follows gives credence to the idea that someone built the flowerbox.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


   The sooner we come to realize that government is  separate from society, that religion is separate from philosophy, and that love is separate from trust, the sooner we will come to actual peace.

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Triangle

    Before time, before matter, before energy, there was God, and he was one, one thing, one being and everything, it was as if the entire universe and all the realities were compressed into one object, the lapis philosophorum. Deity consisting of every, and all things decided to separate himself from the parts that he did not desire, i.e. negativity, hate, fear, essentially evil in general. When this was done there was a duality, two sides floating chaotically in the vacuum clashing and not harmonizing. To reunite all aspects, the ternary was created, which is equilibrium, the third part of the triangle which makes a structurally weak L form into a structurally sound triangle.
    This is the nature of many trinities; between the masculine and feminine there is the offspring that they produce to give justification to the existence of their organs. Between love and hate there is the middle road that we walk every day, between affection and aggression there is the middle way of toleration; living and letting live. The old testament God condoms us, Christ forgives us, and the Holy Spirit fill us, this is the nature of Ternary, and it is eloquently represented by the triangle.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Mask


Why does the Loan Ranger wear his mask, why does Batman, Spider Man, or any other fictional heroes wear masks?  It is not simply to hide their identity from a gang hell-bent on the destruction of the hero and his family, there is much much more.
In Venice masks have been employed for centuries, masks not only hide one's identity and social status for mischievous purposes (especially during Carnival). But they can conceal one’s identity for the purpose of putting everyone at a level playing field. In a system where people could not converse or commingle with others due to more rigged cast systems, the mask could serve as a convenient and indispensable loophole, whereby a noble could seek the counsel of a commoner, or a commoner could voice his true feeling without fear of reprisal.
This is the true power of the mask, through its cloaking we are free to be who we really are.  We are not hindered by social status, attractiveness, or educational obtainment, we are empowered by anonymity.
This symbol of disguise, while giving us the freedom to do whatever we want possesses the highest of virtues, and that is the virtue of Caritas, when one becomes an Unknown and serves his fellow creatures with concealment, He is preforming the highest work without a need for recognition, he is carrying on the tradition of a Silent Knight within the Order of Saint Joachim, or other chivalric and esoteric orders. He is spreading altruistic love because it is welling up out of him.  
When we are strolling down a busy sidewalk in the rain, we are masked; no one is looking around, no one is concerned about those around them, for they are too busy being consumed by their own apprehensions. This is where the hero comes in, he or she sees a world in need of repair, and because people cannot see the forest for the trees, he is free to act for the betterment of humanity without being recognized.
A hero’s mask is not a symbol of concealment out of fear, it is not a garb of prestige, nor is it an enabler of nefarious behavior, it is the freedom to do the right thing when no one is looking.
The next time you dawn your sunglasses, the next time you pop the collar on your coat, the next time you find yourself lost in a sea of faces, take the opportunity to look around, and see how you can leave this world better than when you came into it.  

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Marrow in the Bone

The aspiring candidate of the mysteries in our gallant fraternity eagerly receives his apprentice degree, then advances to craftsman; while toiling in the quarries and temples he waits for that day when he will finally obtain the mysteries and prestige of master.

Finally, after dedication, determination, and his peers finding him worthy; a mystery is revealed unto him unlike what was taught in the preceding grades, but at the same time completing the former two.

Though in reality it is not complete, he has not reached perfection by its original definition. Great mysteries are revealed and another query is presented, thus: is the nature of the quest. Through points of camaraderie, a three-syllable word is whispered in a low breath to the aspirant. One that is so occulted behind veils of esotericism and time that its true meaning has been lost to those who preserve it, though its very syllables hint at something deeper.

This is the marrow in the bone, the mystery within the mystery. That all of existence, all of one's potential is contained within himself. That if he was able to open his heart he could feel the whole world at once. And it is all one thing. That within him are traces of the lapis angularis, or lapis philosophorum--that the prima materia within is the same as it is in all living and nonliving things. The very beginning of the big bang, the key to the primal explosion already lies within his cells and within his soul. And if he wants to be a beacon of light, a calming force, and a leader in this reality; if he aspires for the heavens, he has no further to look than deep within himself.

The death of our grand master is not simply the end of some unfinished passion play; it is the beginning of the aspirant’s astonishing new being.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Esotericists and Their Secrets

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    We are, or are at least attempting to be the keepers of the embers that once were the blazing glory of esoteric thought and illumination. Freemasonry’s charity is grand, and needs little help. The good works we do for the community are praise worthy to say the least, and our gathering before and after the hurried meetings to tell jokes over coffee is something that we could quite possibly not live without, but what is really in disrepair is the secrets, and the secrets within the secrets. 
    There are three parts of what we call esoteric, the peal of the fruit (Tokens, grips, or words) that are given during an initiation, and then a deeper meaning, or the fruit itself that should be explained to the initiate by a mentor or teacher.  Finally there is the most important part, the pit  or seed; while it may not appear to be much to the casual observer, it is paramount in that once obtained (planted) it grows, and propagates illuminism to the world. This is the real secret that is ineffable, because no man can completely communicate it to another; it must be experienced to be fully realized. 
    The fruit itself and the seed is what we are trying to preserve, the secrets within. We do this by the reading and sharing of the works of Albert Mackey, Albert Pike, Manly P. Hall, Euclid, Pythagoras, cabbalists, and the list goes on and on. We do this also by having a solemn reverence for our initiation and ritual, and the verbal or written sharing of our own interpretations and experiences with it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Manhood, the Meaning of life, and Heraldry

    In the days of my youth, it occurred to me that my time on this sphere was finite, that I like all people had very limited time, and soon enough my bones would lay from east to west like everyone else’s. After the initial fear of this revelation, a cretin angst took over about what I would leave behind.
    With this urgency fortifying my actions I set out into the world with a need for adventure and a collection accomplishments that would be hard to surpass; circumnavigation of the globe, military service during war, publishing a book,  art shows of my work, and all before my 23rd year. Then followed more gallery openings, the founding of various artistic societies, climbing through the rites of Freemasonry, and the attainment of a Masters of Science.
    While these acts are laudable, and I would not be near the man that I am today without them, they can also be trivial in the grand scheme of things. What makes them trivial is that they are more often than not self-serving, do little to help our fellow beings, and cannot be passed down, thus, all too soon forgotten after one ascends to other realms.
    Then like so many before, my son was born, the search for meaning and a need to define who I was simply became irrelevant, lying there before me was the culmination of my heritage. Not just my heritage; but the masculine values and behaviors that have been passed down from father to son, generation after generation, for thousands of years. In addition to my R1b DNA, and everything that I am. The blood that flows through his veins is the same red blood as my ancestors, and the same ruddy color as the soil of our homeland in the gently rolling hills of Oklahoma. He is me and so much more.
     Now when I climb in social spheres it is to give my son a proverbial leg up in the future, when I pursue my PhD it is not for self-recognition, but to provide a better way of life for my beautiful wife and son. My daily actions teach him how to be a proper man; having a good work ethic, simply paying the bills on time, expressing love for those that I do, and respecting my elders teaches him by example of what a man does and does not do. To help others, even when they do not deserve it, simply put, to be chivalrous.
    This new realization of what life is, and this new pursuit of its meaning, is illustrated by the virtues of Heraldry. Simply put, heraldry is a system of signs, symbols, and markings through Coats of Arms, Crest Badges, and the like that can be passed down from one generation to the next. One may lose his entire fortune and will still retain his Arms.  Heraldry is not simply some pretentious painting on a shield in a cultural system that has lost it relevancy. It is a symbol of who we are, of whom our ancestors were, and who our sons and daughters will be. They are an abstraction of our very genome and culture.

    In a system where one serves God first, then devotion to family, followed by service to one's country, and lastly oneself. Heraldry can reiterate and reinforce the magnitude of what it is to be a member of a people, community and culture, to be a family.

Arms blazoned to wit: Azure, a Celtic cross Vert and Sable, fimbriated Or, erected on a mount Vert be-tween a humbled lion and a coyote both Or, in chief above the cross seven five-pointed stars in demi-circle, the central one ten-pointed, all Or. Above the shield is placed a helmet with a mantling Vert, doubled Or, and On a wreath Or and Vert is set for crest, a chalice Or.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Existential Skull

   A popular symbol of our craft is that of the skull, or Memento Mori, it is even on the old apron of the Knights Templar.
   A basic teaching of the skull is to instill upon all of us that one day, at any time, we may die. This realization opens all kinds of thoughts and anxiety.
   So after some meditation I have decided to give further illumination on this concept through the philosophy of Existentialism.
  Existentialism is a philosophy or school of thought brought forth by philosophers Soren Kierkegaard, and Friedrich Nietzsche, and propagated by Viktor Frankl, and Rollo May.
  Existentialism is best characterized as an invitation to the person to recognize the ways in which they are not living filly authentic lives, and to make choices that will lead to their becoming what they are capable of being. An aim is to assist people in moving toward authenticity, and learning to recognize when they are deceiving themselves.
  Key teachings of Existentialism are:
  • that life can be undone by death,
  • that success is precarious, that we are determined to be free,
  • that we are responsible for a world that we did not choose,
  • that we make choices in the face of doubt and uncertainty,
  • that there are no ultimate answers for ultimate concerns,
  • and that we will confront these ultimate concerns, but we cannot conquer them. 
  Death tends to generate anxiety about meaningless in life, people may ask “Is there any point to what I do now since I will eventually die?” “Will what I do be forgotten when I am gone?” “Given the fact of mortality why should I busy myself with anything?”
  Once the anxiety is addressed pseudo meaning is striped away, one must create a new meaning. People should not be told what there particular meaning in life should be; however, they can even discover meaning through suffering. This view holds that human suffering can be turned into human achievement; also, people who confront despair can challenge their despair and thus triumph.
   Yet meaning is not something that can be directly searched for and obtained. Paradoxically, the more rationally we seek it, the more likely we are to miss it. Irvin Yalom, and Viktor Fankl are in agreement that, like pleasure, meaning must be pursued obliquely. Finding meaning in life is a byproduct of engagement, which is a commitment to creating, loving, working, and building. Meaning is created out of individual’s engagement with what is valued, and this commitment provides the purpose that makes life worthwhile.
   From Frankl’s prospective, death should not be considered a threat. Rather, death provides the motivation for us to live our lives fully, and take advantage of each opportunity to do something meaningful, and though physical death destroys us, the idea of death saves us.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Compasses

  In the E:. A:. degree we are instilled with partial enlightenment about the compasses.  We are instructed to CRCMSCRB OR PSSNS & KP THM W/N D BNDS.
    But what does that really mean to us as freemasons and preservers of chivalric values in this day and age?
    The initial and most obvious teaching of this passage is to instill upon us a code of conduct and as Aristotle taught “to live within moderation” but a deeper interpretation that I gathered is that in this fast paced materialistic world where we are surrounded by unethical foes, and pretenders serving as acquaintances I am reminded of the passages of the
Sun Tzu or the Art of War.           
“So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.
If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose.
If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself.”
   Where we learn the art of misdirection, whereby one CRCMSCRBS his PSSNS & KP THM W/N D BNDS, and as a result prevents those who may use his weaknesses for exploitation.  
   The less that they see of us succumbing to our passions, the less information they will have about our predisposed vices, thus limiting the information that can be potentially use to their advantage. 
“I will force the enemy to take our strength for weakness, and our weakness for strength, and thus will turn his strength into weakness.”

“Knowledge is power.”
Sir Francis Bacon, Religious Meditations, Of Heresies, 1597
English author, courtier, & philosopher (1561 - 1626)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Is Freemasonry a Religion?

    The short simple and direct answer is no. We are not here to offer salvation through faith alone, or by works, we will never conflict with one’s faith family, occupation, or duty to country.
    Some say that freemasonry tries to teach the truth, and that the only truth is through Christ. Well that is the case when one is talking about salvation through the Christian faith, but there are many other “truths” in our world. Truths of physics, biology, or the truth of how to efficiently change a tire, none of which offer salvation but have validity, and at times are a necessity in this day and age.
    Freemasonry teaches truths or secrets, but they are not and never will be the way to salvation, whether the brother is Christian, Jewish, Muslim or any other faith. Ones place of worship serves this function. Not only that, but women are not within our ranks, it would be pretty lonely up there in heaven if we had the only ticket to salvation and did not share it with the other half of the human population.
    Others say “But you all must believe in God.” Alternatively, “You have religious overtones within your lodges” and that is true. If someone does not believe in a God, or an eternal existence of the soul, then how could we know that they are an honorable or moral person? They would have no cosmic fear of performing immoral acts, thus making them poor representative of our esteemed brother hood. As far as religious overtones are concerned, if one was to read and follow the teachings of the Holy Bible, without faith, one would still live a relatively peaceful, healthy, and happy life on earth. There is some good stuff in there, concerning not only matters of diet, and hygiene, but also how to treat one’s neighbor and family. Adultery maybe a sin just because God said so, but it also keeps one’s neighbor or spouse from coming over and killing him. Each rule, each law, serves a specific function, whether or not it is beyond our understanding.
    Instead of placing judgment for our secrets, requirements of faith, or religious overtones, one should strive to find the true and valid reasons for them. Freemasonry has in no way, shape, or form replaced, or supplemented my faith, but has added to the zeal and understanding of what it is to be religious.